NECK Replacement Wood/Color Serial Date of Birth Body Replacement Wood/Color Serial Date of Birth
Stratocaster Maple APWN0022 February 2014 Stratocaster Left Alder Black APWB0086 January 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0023 April 2014 Stratocaster Alder Surf Green APWB0087 February 2014
Stratocaster Maple APWN0024 March 2014 Telecaster Ash Natural APWB0088 March 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0025 May 2014 Stratocaster Alder 2 Burst Vintage APWB0089 April 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0026 May 2014 Telecaster Ash Natural APWB0090 March 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0027 May 2014 Stratocaster Alder Natural APWB0091 April 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0028 May 2014 Telecaster Alder Natural APWB0092 April 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0029 May 2014 Stratocaster Swamp Ash APWB0093 May 2014
Telecaster Maple 1614 July 2014 Stratocaster Alder John Mayer Reply APWB0094 May 2014
Stratocaster Maple APWN0030 July 2014 Stratocaster Alder – Olimpic White APWB0095 June 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0031 September 2014 Stratocaster Alder – Vintage Black APWB0096 July 2014
Stratocaster Gilmour Reply APWN0032 October 2014 Telecaster Ash Butterscotch Blonde APWB0097 July 2014
Telecaster Maple APWN0034 October 2014 Stratocaster Alder APWB0098 July 2014
telecaster Maple APWN0033 October 2014 Stratocaster Alder APWB0099 July 2014
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0034 November 2014 Stratocaster Alder APWB0100 July 2014
Stratocaster Maple APWN0035 December 2014 Jazz Bass Ash APWB0101 July 2014
Stratocaster Maple APWN0036 December 2014 Stratocaster Alder APWB0103 August 2014
Stratocaster Maple APWN0037 December 2014 Telecaster Ash APWB0102 August 2014
Telecaster Rosewood ABWN0038 December 2014 telecaster Ash – surf green APWB0103 October 2014
Telecaster Maple APWN0039 January 2015 Telecaster Ash APWB0104 November 2014
telecaster Maple APWN0040 January 2015 Stratocaster Alder APWB0105 November 2014
Telecaster Maple APWN0041 April 2015 Stratocaster SRV Alder APWB0106 November 2014
stratocaster Maple APWN0042 April 2015 Stratocaster Alder APWB0107 December 2014
stratocaster Lefty Maple APWN0043 June 2015 Jazz Bass Alder APWB0108 January 2015
stratocaster Birdseye Maple APWN0044 Luly 2015 telecaster Ash APWB0109 January 2015
telecaster Maple APWN0045 August 2015 Stratocaster Alder APWB0110 April 2015
stratocaster Maple APWN0046 August 2015 Stratocaster Left Alder APWB0111 June 2015
stratocaster Wengè APWN0047 November 2015 Stratocaster Alder Black APWB0112 June 2015
shur Rosewood APWN0048 June 2016 Telecaster Custom Alder APWB0113 ‘July 2015
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0049 November 2016 stratocaster Ash APWB0114 ‘July 2015
stratocaster Maple APWN0050 November 2016 Stratocaster Ash APWB0115 ‘July 2015
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0051 December 2016 Stratocaster Alder White Relic APWB0116 August 2015
stratocaster Maple APWN0052 December 2016 stratocaster Alder APWB0117 August 2015
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0053 December 2016 Telecaster Ash APWB0118 May 2016
stratocaster Padouk APWN0054 December 2016 Telecaster Chestnut APWB0119 May 2016
stratocaster Wengè APWN0055 December 2016 Shur Basswood/ Maple Black APWB 0120 June 2016
stratocaster Birdseye Maple APWN0056 January 2017 Telecaster Ash / Padouk APWB0121 July 2016
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0057 January 2017 Stratocaster Alder (no tremolo) APWB0122 July 2016
Stratocaster Flamed Maple APWN0058 January 2017 stratocaster Steff Burns Reply APWB0123 November 2016
Telecaster Birdseye Maple APWN0059 February 2017 stratocaster Alder Sonic Blue APWB0124 December 2016
Telecaster Mahogany/Zircote APWN0060 February 2017 Telecaster Ash APWB0125 December 2016
Stratocaster Wengè APWN0061 February 2017 telecaster Ash / Top Quilted Natural APWB0126 December 2016
Stratocaster Rosewood APWN0062 February 2017 Telecaster Deluxe Ash APWB0127 December 2016
telecaster Wengè APWN0063 March 2017 Stratocaster Swamp Ash Candy Apple Red APWB0128 December 2016
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0064 March 2017 Stratocaster Alder APWB0129 December 2016
stratocaster Maple APWN0065 March 2017 Jazz Bass Ash APWB0130 December 2016
Telecaster Maple APWN0066 April 2017 Telecaster Alder/souther graphic APWB0131 December 2016
Telecaster Ebony APWN0067 April 2017 Telecaster Ash APWB0132 February 2017
Stratocaster Maple APWN0068 April 2017 andrea neri signature Alde Skin Top APWB0133 June 2017
stratocaster Flamed Maple APWN0069 May 2017 stratocaster sunburst Alder 3 Tone Burst APWB0134 June 2017
stratocaster Flamed Maple APWN0070 May 2017 stratocaster Alder APWB0135 June 2017
andre anerk. signature Ebony APWN0072 June 2017 telecaster Ash APWB0136 June 2017
precision Wengè APWN0073 June 2017 telecaster Ash APWB0137 June 2017
stratocaster Maple Black Paint APWN0074 June 2017 stratocaster Alder Black Relic APWB0138 June 2017
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0075 June 2017 telecaster Ash Butterscotch Blonde APWB0139 September 2017
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0076 June 2017 stratocaster Alder – Olimpic White APWB0140 September 2017
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0077 September 2017 stratocaster Alder Black APWB0141 September 2017
stratocaster Padouk APWN0078 September 2017 stratocaster Alder – Olimpic White APWB0142 October 2017
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0079 October 2017 Jazz Bass Alder APWB0142 November 2017
stratocaster Maple APWN0080 October 2017 stratocaster Alder APWB0143 February 2018
stratocaster Maple APWN0081 November 2017 telecaster Alder Candy Apple Red APWB0144 February 2018
stratocaster Wengè APWN0082 November 2017 stratocaster Alder APWB0145 February 2018
stratocaster Maple APWN0083 November 2017 stratocaster Alder APWB1046 February 2018
stratocaster Wengè APWN0084 January 2018 Telecaster Ash APWB0147 February 2018
stratocaster Rosewood APWN0085 February 2018 Jazz Bass Ash APWB0148 March 2018
Jazz Bass Rosewood APWN0086 March 2018        
Stratocaster Wengè APWN0087 March 2018