Serial Number List

Feel free to browse these serial number lists and see if you can work out where your model fits in

Statocaster Style Maple APWN0022 Feb-2014 Stratocaster Style Lefty Alder (Black) APWB0086 Jan-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0023 Apr-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (surf Green) APWB0087 Feb-2014
Statocaster Style Maple APWN0024 Mar-2014 Telecaster Style Ash (Natural) APWB0088 Mar-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0025 May-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (sunburst) APWB0089 Apr-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0026 May-2014 Telecaster Style Ash (Natural) APWB0090 Mar-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0027 May-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (Natural) APWB0091 Apr-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0028 May-2014 Telecaster Style Alder (Natural) APWB0092 Apr-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0029 May-2014 Stratocaster Style Ash (unfinished) APWB0093 May-2014
Telecaster Style Maple 1614 Jul-2014 Stratocaster Style John Mayer Style APWB0094 May-2014
Statocaster Style Maple APWN0030 Jul-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (Olipic White) APWB0095 Jun-2014
Statocaster Style Rosewood APWN0031 Sep-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (Vintage White) APWB0096 Jul-2014
Gilmour style Maple APWN0032 Oct-2014 Telecaster Style Ash (Butt. Blonde) APWB0097 Jul-2014
Telecaster Style Maple APWN0033 Oct-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (unfinished) APWB0098 Jul-2014
Stratocaster Style Rosewood APWN0034 Nov-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (unfinished) APWB0099 Jul-2014
Stratocaster Style Maple APWN0035 Dec-2014 Stratocaster Style Alder (unfinished) APWB0100 Jul-2014
Stratocaster Style Maple APWN0036 Dec-2014 Jazz Bass Style Ash (Sunburst) APWB0101 Jul-2014
Square Head Maple APWN0037 Dec-2014 Telecaster Style Ash (unfinished) APWB0102 Aug-2014
Telecaster Style Rosewood APWN0038 Dec-2014 Stratocaster Style Ash (Surf Green) APWB0103 Aug-2014
Telecaster Style Maple APWN0039 Jan-2015 Telecaster Style Ash (Unfinished) APWB0104 Nov-2014
Telecaster Style Maple APWN0040 Jan-2015 Stratocaster Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0105 Nov-2014
Telecaster Style Maple APWN0041 Apr-2015 Stratocaster SRV Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0106 Nov-2014
Stratocaster Style Maple APWN0042 Apr-2015 Stratocaster Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0107 Dec-2014
Stratocaster Style Maple APWN0043 Jun-2015 Jazz Bass Style Alder (Fiesta Red) APWB0108 Jan-2014
Stratocaster Style Byrd. Maple APWN0044 Jul-2015 Telecaster Style Ash (Unfinished) APWB0109 Jan-2014
Telecaster Style Maple APWN0045 Aug-2015 Stratocaster Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0110 Apr-2015
Stratocaster Style Maple APWN0046 Aug-2015 Stratocaster Style Lefty Alder (unfinished) APWB0111 Jun-2015
Stratocaster Style Wengè APWN0047 Nov-2015 Stratocaster Style Alder (Black) APWB0112 Jun-2015
Shur Style Rosewood APWN0048 Jun-2016 Telecaster Custom Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0113 Aug-2015
Stratocaster Style Ash (Unfinished) APWB0114 Jul-2015
Stratocaster Style Ash (unfinished) APWB0115 jul-2015
Stratocaster Style Alder (White Relic) APWB0116 Aug-2015
Stratocaster Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0117 Aug-2015
Telecaster Style Ash (Unfinished) APWB0118 May-2016
Telecaster Style Ash (Unfinished) APWB0119 May-2016
Shur Style Basswood/Maple (Black) APWB0120 Jun-2016
Stratocaster Style Alder (Unfinished) APWB0121 Oct-2016
Telecaster Style Swamp Ash (Butt. Blonde) APWB0122 Nov-2016